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Sourcing and bringing the best green beans to the region: Central & Eastern Europe.

We work together with farmers, cooperatives and exporters to offer high quality, traceable coffees to roasters worldwide.

Drag to discover the Origins Better together Our love for coffee, hopefully will lead us to having our own coffee farm in the future. The people in this industry is what makes this industry beautiful. We have worked in the speciality coffee industry since 2014, mainly focusing on equipment and coffee gear. Artisan Coffee Gear has consulted and provided coffee roasters with premium quality equipment as Probat, Mahlk├Ânig and La Marzocco. Since the very beginning we have wanted to work with coffee but we did not want to compete with our clients, our own roasteries although we have the knowledge and experience to roast some of the best coffee. In 2018 our journey with Artisan Green Bean started together with Menno Simons at Trabocca in order to provide micro-roasteries in the region with high quality, traceable green beans in a very tailor-made flexible way. Our partnership with Trabocca gave us the possibility to develop Artisan Green Bean in a healthy way. Discover The Origins In 2019 we opened our warehouse dedicated to Artisan Green Bean and started to develop. In 2020 we made our origin trip to Colombia in collaboration with Trabocca and Willem Boot from Boot Coffee who runs the program Coffee for Peace, devoted to improvement of coffee bean quality and welfare of the farmers. During this trip, our knowledge improved and we were able to take part in the best of Cauca and Antioquia Competition. Discover The Origins During 2020 our partnership has opened new channels of collaboration with different farms and partners in Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya buying coffee directly. Buying coffee directly means having the right logistical partner which can ensure that the coffee you buy is actually the coffee you receive:traceability and here we have forged partnerships with some of the best players on the market. Discover The Origins


We serve micro-roasteries and middle-sized roasteries looking for good coffee with good value while making sure that the farms we work with are getting their fair share. For middle-sized roasteries we have also managed to bring exclusive lots and offer seasonal contracts. We cup all our coffees and make sure it meets roasters requirements.